Brian Shotwell

Founder of Honeybeard Protein

You remember in school, even college, when all you had to do was show up to get a pretty big chunk of your grade? Upon reflection, it was really just the school and your parents getting you to form a habit. Just showing up, day in and day out, would hopefully break you down enough for you to throw up your hands and say “FINE! I’LL LEARN SOMETHING!” I mean, you’re there already…so might as well, right? I was a freshman in high school taking ground balls after practice one day when I looked around and realized that nobody else was out there, I felt super confident fielding a ground ball; I’ll just keep showing up and doing this until it’s my time to shine.

Flash forward to present day and I’ve realized the importance of just showing up to train day in and day out yields GREAT results. Listen, everybody is busy…literally, everyone you know. That’s the number one excuse why people don’t train - “too busy.” Here’s the solution - schedule in one hour a day to train. Put it in your calendar and treat it as a business meeting. You wouldn’t miss a business meeting, would you? If you saw my post about Miles, (father of 3, businessman, etc…) hopefully you drew some inspiration from him like I did. 3:30 PM everyday - we have a business meeting. We lift weights, bike, run, row, and he generally busts his ass. Most days are great, some aren’t, but guess what? He’s getting that attendance grade and it’s paid off 100 fold.

Let’s get an A in attendance.

Honeybeard Protein. 

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