Brian Shotwell

Founder of Honeybeard Protein

It was a nice, early-fall evening when my wife and I decided to watch a documentary called “The Human Experiment” on Netflix while hanging out on the back porch and enjoying the weather. Little did we know, this documentary would spark the creation of a supplement company and movement of our own.

In summary, the documentary expanded on how over time, low-level chemical exposure is absolutely terrible for not only us, but for our unborn children as well. My wife was pregnant at the time, so when the show started following young couples, like us, who were having trouble getting pregnant, it peaked our interest. It shed light on how infertility rates have steadily risen since the early 80’s, when chemical cleaning products and preservatives really made their way into our homes. Cancers, respiratory problems, Autism, problems getting pregnant, trouble taking a baby to term - the list kept piling; all from products I grew up accepting as just the way you ate and how you cleaned. The portion of the documentary that made me want to cry and scream at the same time was when they shared how household chemicals and chemical preservatives in our food can affect a baby’s future reproductive ability. It said, “if you expose your baby to chemicals and fake foods, she might not be able to have kids when she’s older.”

The documentary was so heartbreaking and frustrating, we actually couldn’t even finish it. Within 2 days, all of our household cleaners and personal hygiene products were in the trash (for real - even down to the hand soap in the guest bathroom!) We replaced them with essential oil cleaners, laundry and dish detergents, and tooth paste and shower gel from Young Living. I became obsessively vigilant about checking for preservatives in foods, which eventually led to me rethinking the protein powder I had been using for years. The ingredient list was long, riddled with words I couldn’t pronounce.

I knew I could make a positive change and create a platform to tell as many people as possible about the negative effects of preservatives in our modern-day food sources. I set out to make a protein powder with as little ingredients as necessary, and we did.  

All (maybe not all, but at least the genesis of) from a random documentary on chemical exposure that I didn’t even finish, with my pregnant wife on the back porch on a pleasant Autumn night.

Honeybeard Protein. 

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