Dr. Mark Gordon and Andrew Marr on The Joe Rogan Experience

Comedian, podcast host and mixed martial arts color commentator, Joe Rogan had neuroregenerative medicine expert, Dr. Mark Gordon and retired Special Forces Green Beret, Andrew Marr on #1589 of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, a couple of weeks ago. Upon being treated by Dr. Gordon for traumatic brain injuries he sustained during combat, Marr claims Dr. Gordon's protocol saved his life. As a result, Marr founded Warrior Angels Foundation; an organization committed to providing holistic, root-cause treatment for veterans suffering from TBI through their partnership with Dr. Gordon's Millennium Health Centers. Since the inception of WAF in 2015, Dr. Gordon has successfully supported over 300 U.S. service members and veterans in their healing journey toward enhanced biological resiliency. 

We encourage you to listen to this podcast episode in order to better understand the obstacles veterans who have TBI face as well as allow it to open your aperture on the myriad of natural, holistic treatment options for veterans. Congruent with our belief that the path to optimal health and healing is not a single-pronged effort in nature, but rather, consists of multi-faceted processes which require intention and an individualized approach, we appreciate the framework presented in this conversation as it relates to treating not only veterans, but anyone suffering from TBI.

Below are links to the podcast, the WAF website and the film, Quiet Explosions: Healing the Brain, where Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Jerri Sher, captures Andrew Marr's story of healing.