Ambassador Application

We have spent a considerable amount of time deconstructing our Ambassador Program. Since the genesis of our Ambassador Program last summer, we have sought to lead the program as fluidly, genuinely and effectively as possible. Upon reflection, we have identified weak points within the structure of our Ambassador Program and aim to improve these areas in order to continue to build a robust, successful program which is aligned with our mission of lowering the veteran suicide rate by way of promoting a sustainable, healthy lifestyle and sharing veteran's stories through multimedia methods. We believe our ambassadors play an integral role in actualizing our company's mission. The result of this deconstruction is a reformulation of the program's structure. We will be posting an Ambassador Program application soon, where anyone is welcome to apply to be a part of the Honeybeard tribe by way of ambassadorship. In our ambassadors, there are no particular dominant traits we are looking for. We encourage anyone to apply. Although, we will be selective in our process, as we are seeking like-minded individuals who share our values, of which include...

- Support the decrease of veteran suicide

- Pursue a healthy, sustainable lifestyle

- Prioritize community (Engage other Honeybeard Athletes and Ambassadors as well as their own community)

- Regularly share quality, educational and edifying content

In regard to the structure of our Ambassador Program, ambassadors will receive:

- 25% discount on all product

- 10% monthly commission on personal code-use sales

- Once-a-month, ambassador-only Zoom calls engaging in dialogue on topics such as nutrition, mindset, philosophy, training and leadership, among a host of other fields, led by myself, Brian Shotwell or an industry leader

- Access to a private Honeybeard Ambassador Facebook group in order to connect, cultivate community and engage other like-minded individuals

Ambassador expectations:

- Post an agreed upon amount of times per week/per month (This amount will be agreed upon during a phone call with our Head of Influencer and Athlete Relations proceeding being accepted to the program)

- Engage with the Honeybeard community on social networks

Below is the online application form.