Brian Shotwell

Founder of Honeybeard Protein

Get off the X: simple way to start losing weight or pack on muscle

If you’re just beginning your journey of weight loss or even packing on some muscle; first off, congratulations! The first step of actually deciding to take action will, in most cases, be the hardest step you take. The thought of wanting to make a change has probably been on your mind, but you didn’t really know where to start, so you just kept putting it off and putting it off until “it’s too late.” It’s never too late and you can start today. In fact, right now! In the Army, it’s called “getting off the X”; meaning a lot of times it’s not about making the perfect decision, but just A decision. If action isn’t taken, there can be dire consequences.

We can apply that principle to our health, fitness, and nutrition and keep us on the X by not letting all of the sometimes overwhelming information on diets and workout plans freeze us up. 

A simple way of getting off the X for nutrition is adding one thing that you know is healthy; once a day. We all know vegetables are healthy, right? Just add one vegetable, once a day and BOOM; you’re off the X and on the track to weight loss. That one vegetable, once a day, will then turn into a vegetable at every meal. Then, before you know it, you’ve stopped eating potato chips and lost 5 pounds just by adding one thing, once a day.  

The same concept can be applied to gaining muscle. One thing, once a day: a protein shake post workout or an extra egg at breakfast.

Let’s get off the X!

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