Brian Shotwell

Founder of Honeybeard Protein

If you’re just starting out in your fitness/workout journey or you’ve been doing it for ten years, chances are you’ve felt tired and sore after a workout. That’s great news, actually! Even better news is that there are some simple things you can do to help you recover from those workouts, increase your energy levels throughout the day, and be able to hit that next workout even harder.

Recovery from a hard workout actually starts immediately post-workout. Your heart rate is sky high, your heart is pumping blood like crazy, and your brain is probably telling you to just lay down and take a rest. Don’t listen!

The first step in recovering from a tough workout is to naturally let that heart rate come down and keep the blood flow going throughout your entire body, and not just pool up in certain parts when you lay down. That means get up and walk around, we know it sucks and you don’t want to do it, but it’s a must. Nobody assaulted you, so get up off the ground and walk around. Walk around with your hands on your hips or head until your heart rate drops below 100bpm.

The second step is fueling. Hopefully, you had been drinking water throughout the day leading up to your workout, but regardless, you have to put back in what’s been depleted (sweat.) Take some light sips of water while you’re walking, and finish off the shaker bottle (16oz) at the end of the walk.

Part two to the post workout fueling process is taking in a high-quality protein shake. We’re partial to ours, as it’s super high-quality - which means it’s highly accessible to your muscles that have been broken down from the workout. The protein shake will repair those muscles, build them back up, and get them ready to train the next day.

Part two (B) of fueling goes beyond the protein shake and extends into a high-quality, nutrient dense meal 1-2 hours after your protein shake. Fast food/empty calories just doesn’t cut it here. You broke your body down, and we’re trying to build it up, so reach for something that’s nutrient dense and covers all your macro nutrient bases. A quick example: grass-fed beef patty on a bed of spinach with a baked sweet potato.

The third step is one that everyone knows is good for you, but nobody really wants to do…stretching. The dreaded stretch doesn’t have to be anything fancy and doesn’t have to come from that yoga girl on Instagram. Just get on the ground and do 1-2 stretches that you feel like your body needs. Act like you’re in 6th grade P.E class all over again. Just do it, straight up. Is it going to hurt the first few times? Probably. Will it get better? Yes. Will you start to see improvements with how you feel and perform? Most definitely.

The fourth and final step is the simplest and most effective thing you can do to help recover from a workout. SLEEP. Put your phone down when you’re lying in bed, read a book that will make your eyes heavy and after a while, go the f**k to sleep. That’s it - you don’t need a fancy app or wearable to tell you that you need to sleep more. Guess what? If you feel tired during the day and you’re still sore from that workout 3 days ago and you can’t seem to lose that last little belly fat even though you’re doing everything else “right,” you probably need to sleep more. 7-10 hours, 8 is prime-time.

In summary:

Walk around post-workout

Refuel your body - Hydrate and drink a high-quality protein shake post workout



Go do it.

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