Veteran owned and operated,
this is our story.

Having a blue collar upbringing has instilled in me “hardwork”.  Hard work defined for me is showing up; day in and day out and putting in the work, whatever that may be.  It may mean training, it may mean being a dad, it may mean being the best husband, wife, brother, friend you can be.  

Finding my way through the strength and conditioning world over the past decade has meant lots of research and experimenting.  From ruck marches, running, powerlifting, bodybuilding, CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, counting macros, keto and everything in between; I like figuring it all out.  Through that experimenting I’ve gained a love for helping other people live their best lives through fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle.  

That love for helping people is the core root of creating a clean protein supplement that is for EVERYONE. I wanted something my daughter can drink without worrying about ingredients that were overly processed with a ton of artificial sweeteners. I want to show people from all walks of life that protein can be for everyone.

As an US Army veteran; I’ve had battle buddies take their own lives after coming home from war. Seeing the effects of PTS(Post traumatic stress) on hundreds of thousands of active duty, retired, and US military veterans made me want to get into action. That’s why we are on a mission to stop veteran suicide rates by donating 10% of our profits to organizations we believe in and that are on mission to lower that suicide rate.

I’m proud to have served and proud to still serve the active duty and veteran community.

“Buy Protein. Save a Vet”