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"If Army scientists and tattoo artists had highjacked a DARPA lab to create the ultimate soldier, they would have created Nick." - WIRED

We partnered with Nick Lavery, considered the first Special Operations Forces operator to return to combat as an above-the-knee amputee and leader of Team Machine to bring you this exclusive kit for a limited time. Included in the kit:

- One 2lbs tub Frosty Grass-Fed Whey Protein Isolate

- One Machine Tee

Additionally, 10% of sales will go to the Special Forces Foundation, who serve Green Berets and their families. You can find the link to their website on our homepage.

There is a limited number of kits and we expect them to go fast. Don't miss out!

And check out Nick's powerful story produced by the Hive Veteran Stories, via the link on our homepage.

"Thank you for the support. Enjoy the gains. And stay frosty." - Nick, Leader of Team Machine

*Please Note: Protein and shirt will ship separately. Expect a 10-day turnaround for shirt.



grams of protein per serving


grams of sugar


grass-fed whey isolate

portion of all sales donated

Whey Isolate vs. Concentrate

While both forms of protein are derived from the processing of milk, whey isolate is further processed to remove nearly all sugars, carbs and other non-protein substances. This leads to a cleaner, higher quality protein. Isolate protein is also digested faster and is more easily processed by the body. Whey isolate is also absorbed faster and is more easily digested by the body.

Faster absorption
Lower lactose, sugars and carbs
More protein by weight
Easier to digest

How to Use

Our protein mixes easily with water or your beverage of choice. Use pre or post-workout, as a snack, or combine with nut butter and oats for a simple meal replacement!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Love the texture and the taste

I was looking for a new protein to try out. It is a great flavor with no bad after taste (and no clumps after mixing) I am only mixing it with water, but I bet it probably could be creamier with coconut/almond/hemp milk. Some proceeds goes to help our veterans in need. I recommend this to anyone hands down. 👍 ❤🤍💙

Brett Palama
Frosty Review

Definitely worth the buy. Great product!

Matthew Fox


Wilson, G
Taste and quality 👍🏽

Very impressed with this company. Excellent quality products and customer service has been 123% on point! The fact that they contribute to the veteran community is also a big plus. Good job to the Honeybeard team 👊🏽!