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Single serve Greens+Protein packs

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Our new product “It’s Just Greens + Protein” features a delicious blend of nutrient rich superfoods and collagen protein.  A lot of times we don’t have the time to eat the amount of fruit and vegetables we should; so we created a blend that will provide you with the amazing benefits of all those superfood vegetables in a more convenient form.  On top of over 20 superfoods we added 13 grams of collagen protein to form a powerhouse.  Benefits from this blend are:


Superfoods in one scoop


Natural energy + vitality

Supports health immune system, hair and nails

portion of profits donated

How to Use

Our protein mixes easily with water or your beverage of choice. Use pre or post workout, as a snack, or combine with nut butter and oats for an easy meal replacement!

Why Us?

We're a Veteran owned and operated clean protein supplment company. 10% of our profits are donated to Veteran mental health orginizations that are on a mission to lower Veteran suicide rates.

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